The journey, This is a journey more than 40 years of execlence designing (Timeless brass designs) with a modern twist thinking. The dream was to provide more to the interiors world and offer new dreaming designs/collections with avant-garde free spirit.  

The journey, started Ambitious and brave, born to be adventurous and spread those bold vibes to all the beautiful people out there. Daring to lead into the world of sophistication, elegance, and savoir-vivre.

The journey, leads to breathtaking lifestyle products along with brand-new luxury at its finest, a fusion of contemporary allure and classy elegance.

The journey Free from the limits.
New perspectives, new aesthetic vision, a new approach to excellence.
Open the doors to a new splash of luxury by Castro Interiors.

Join us.



Founded with a single vision – to create the perfect experience throughthe quality of high-end materials and interior design collections. Persuinglastlong relationships with the professionals.


Embodied of the artist’s vision, brought to life by their effort andexpertise the authenticity of traditional Portuguese metal-work techniques witha sophisticated touch.


Incorporating past, present, and future in the art of interiordesign and lifestyle furniture that reflects a refined and sophisticated personality.


Castro Interiors is a fusion of contemporary allure and classy elegant furniture. Started in 1978 as brass specialist producers in lighting, delivering the same essence in 2018 to lifestyle collections.


Ambitious and brave, born to be audacious and spread bold vibes to creative minds. The goal is to lead into the world of elegance and savoir-vivre. Enjoy the spectacularly furniture design as luxury is taken to new heights.


The definitive fusion between the authenticity of traditional Portuguese metallurgical techniques and an extensive set of materials chosen scrupulously in diferent lifestyles. When it comes to brass-work, the brand is famous for its singularity, extraordinary quality, and unparalleled beauty.